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Title:PCI Express 2.0 Signal Integrity
Video Type:Product Demonstration

Project Description:
Pericom asked ProductClips to create a short video that would demonstrate to customers the compelling reasons why designers of PCs, servers, laptops and rack systems needed to use a Pericom ReDriver chip. ProductClips storyboarded the video to clearly show how over even just short trace lengths, PCI Express 2.0 signals quickly degraded to the point that the data was completely lost. By increasing the board trace length by more than 2x, and adding a Pericom ReDriver device, the viewer clearly sees that the signal is still clean, with little jitter or noise.

The result is a video which effectively and compellingly demonstrates how a Pericom ReDriver device can enable system designers to use high speed serial interconnects reliably across their systems.

It was easy to work with ProductClips. Very open communication and a straightforward, simple process. The storyboard created by ProductClips was easy to read and understand. The final video really communicated the key product messages well.

Patti Glenn, Marcom Manager, Pericom Semiconductor